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Basic Info
Name: Zimmerman Stein
Current City: Chicago, IL
Hometown: Denver, CO
Political Views: Anarchist
Religious Views: Pantheist

Bio A process in the weather of the heart
Turns damp to dry; the golden shot
Storms in the freezing tomb.
A weather in the quarter of the veins
Turns night to day; blood in their suns
Lights up the living worm.

A process in the eye forwarns
The bones of blindness; and the womb
Drives in a death as life leaks out.

A darkness in the weather of the eye
Is half its light; the fathomed sea
Breaks on unangled land.
The seed that makes a forest of the loin
Forks half its fruit; and half drops down,
Slow in a sleeping wind.

A weather in the flesh and bone
Is damp and dry; the quick and dead
Move like two ghosts before the eye.

A process in the weather of the world
Turns ghost to ghost; each mothered child
Sits in their double shade.
A process blows the moon into the sun,
Pulls down the shabby curtains of the skin;
And the heart gives up its dead.

Quotations "A man can be destroyed but not defeated." - Ernest Hemingway
''Arrest my heart, my brain will beat as true." - Rainer Maria Rilke

Contact Information

Contact Info
Email: zimmermanblogs at gmail

Mobile Phone: six three oh - four one four - six nine oh nine

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